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Ep 38 - The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents with guest Marci Warhaft

January 17th, 2018

Today on the show I am chatting with Marci Warhaft who is a body image advocate, founder of the Fit vs Fiction workshops and author of “The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents: Helping Toddlers, Tweens and Teens Thrive”, and blogger for the Huffington Post.  After battling her own body image issues, Marci created her Fit vs Fiction program to tear down the dangerous myths related to beauty and fitness and empower kids with the self-esteem they need to tune out negative messages and be proud of who they are instead of judging themselves for who they think they’re not. I've heard Marci speak at a local event and instantly loved her message and her mission and I'm super excited to bring her to you!

Show Notes

The Body Image Survival Guide For Parents - Helping Toddlers, Tweens, and Teens Thrive

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works

Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight

The Masks of Masculinity 

Embrace Documentary 

Pussy A Reclamation


Ep 37 – As We Wrap Up 2017 I Want You To Remember That You Are Enough, You Are Not Broken And You Are Worthy Of Anything Your Heart Desires!

December 28th, 2017

This is the last episode for 2017 and I want to thank you for listening every week, connecting via social media and email, sending me your questions and recommend me to invite various guests from the field of health, parenting, mental health, mindfulness, etc. I just want to say HUGE thanks for all that you are! I do what I do because of people like you, who are motivated to take back control of their own, their kids and their family’s health.

As we wrap up 2017 I want you to remember that you are enough, you are not broken or less than anyone else in any way shape or form. You deserve to live your life to the fullest, enjoy living in a healthy body, have a positive relationship with food and raise children who want to be like you!

I would love to help you achieve your health goals, and take back control of your health. Do you need help with losing the stubborn weight, balance your hormones, heal your thyroid and adrenal glands? Or do you need help with a picky eater? Let’s connect and see if we are a good fit! Send me an email to and we’ll get on the phone to see if I’m qualified to help you, if not I might be able to refer you to the right people.

NOT THIS by Elizabeth Gilbert 


Ep 36 - GNM - A Revolutionizing New Approach To Health With Dr. Alvin De Leon

December 19th, 2017

Before we get into today's interview, I have a quick announcement. I am opening the doors to my signature 4-week program Teach Your Kids To Eat Vegetables, which is all about teaching you how to feed your kids healthfully with more love, compassion, understanding and good sense.

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want our child to grow healthy and live up to his/her potential. At the end of the day, we want to give them a good start in life.

Before jumping to big ideas like helping them live up to their potential, can we all agree that keeping them alive is a challenge on its own? I mean, one of the most challenging responsibilities of a parent is to feed our children, but what do you do when they refuse food? When he/she can go days on end without eating? Or eating very little?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have carved out the time to make a beautiful, nutritionally balanced meal for your family, and your child doesn’t want to eat it
  • Your child routinely eats very little (which you find to be worrisome)
  • Your child doesn’t want to sit at the table, keeps jumping up and down and not honoring the idea of ‘sitting down to eat’
  • Your child eats very slowly (and you find it extremely annoying)
  • You have to use distractions (TV, phone, toys, etc) to keep your child engaged and interested in food.
  • You have to run around after your child because that’s the only way he/she will eat.
  • You feed your child in the bath because that’s the only way he/she eats willingly
  • Your child is too lean but doesn’t seem lethargic.
  • Your child is full of energy, however, eats very little
  • Your child is constipated most of the time and you don’t know how to help.
  • You dread meal time, you wish someone else could do it for you.
  • You don’t enjoy cooking and resort to processed foods and then feel guilty for doing so

In the holiday spirit, I offer this course at a 30% discount and you can find more information about this in the show notes either on iTunes, Stitcher or on my website, This is a great course for parents who are tired of food battles and using food as reward or punishment. I believe that food is life's greatest pleasures and as parents, we can give this gift to our children - the gift of having a positive relationship with food. If you have any questions regarding this course, please feel free to email me at or by sending me a private message on FB, I go under Dorit Palvanov.

Alright, now let's get into today's show! I am so excited for today's episode, finally, it is happening!! Today's guest is someone I have been thinking about sharing with the world even before the podcast was in the plans! You guys know that I am a strong believer that in order to thrive in this human experience we have to learn how to regulate our emotions. Human beings are emotional beings and emotions play a huge role when it comes to healing as well. True healing is only possible when we take back control of our own health when we stop looking outside of ourselves for someone to heal or save us. Whether this "someone" is a doctor, nutritionist, health coach, chiropractor, or a psychic. As a human being you have access to an unbelievable powerhouse which is your body and energy, and when you know how to work with it and live your life in alignment with the laws of nature, then and only then can you truly heal yourself. Imagine how powerful that would be if you taught your kids to do the same? My goal with this podcast is to introduce you to the people, practitioners, and leaders from the world of alternative health and wellness that can help you take the first steps on this journey. I want you to educate yourself so that you can pass on this lost wisdom to your children and future generations so we can stop unnecessary suffering and start tapping more easily into health, abundance, well-being, vitality so we can stop to just exist or survive through our days and instead THRIVE as women, wives, and mothers.

Dr. Alvin De Leon is a father of 2 and a natural health practitioner and licensed chiropractor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from York University with combined honors in Psychology and Kinesiology.  He graduated magna cum laude from New York Chiropractic College in 2002 and has since continued to educate himself on various mind-body therapies. It was during this journey that Dr. Alvin first learned about Dr. Hamer's research on the science of GNM (German New Medicine) and The Five Biological Laws.  He began his GNM studies in 2008 and has since fully integrated GNM into his clinical practice.  With over 15 years of clinical experience, he has helped thousands of people understand the emotional component of their physical symptoms so that they can have relief and get back to doing what they love.  Since 2009, Dr. Alvin has been giving monthly GNM presentations in the Vaughan, Ontario region as well as online GNM webinars. His goal is to help reduce people's health fears and to empower them to be the experts of their bodies.

Here's what we cover on the show: 

  • Introduction to GNM (German New Medicine) and why it's important for parents?
  • Why should food not be used as a cause of illness or diseases and what's the right approach to food according to GNM?
  • The five biological laws
  • How do explain cancer according to GNM?
  • Are drugs, antibiotics, fever lowering medicine necessary according to GNM?
  • Is chiropractic or any other healing modalities even necessary when someone is applying the GNM method?
  • How to manage febrile seizures?
  • What do the skeptics say about GNM?

Without further ado, here's my interview with Dr. Alvin De Leon!

Show Notes 

Teach Your Kids To Eat Vegetables Course For Parents of Picky Eaters  

Alvin's website 

Learn more about GNM

Follow Dr. Alvin De Leon's on social media handles - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat @DrAlvinDeLeon. Or you can subscribe to his weekly Adapter's Digest Newsletter via his website:


Ep 35 - Ep 35 - How To Make Only One Meal The Entire Family Will Eat With Jodi Danen

December 11th, 2017

One of the biggest challenges moms complain to me about is catering to everyone's dietary needs or preferences in the family. I hear questions like, How do I NOT make more than one meal for my family? How do I make my kid eat what we eat? How do I get my picky eater to try new foods?

I get it believe me. I also have a picky eater at home and it is definitely a challenge to not only make a healthy meal but actually get this food in her mouth without coercion, threatening or punishment. I believe that feeding, as well as parenting, has got to be done in a respectful manner with understanding, compassion, grace, and patience.

I hear many moms complain that they are not enjoying to be in the kitchen, that they hate cooking. A lot of it is not really because they hate cooking, but actually because they've never learned to cook, which in my belief is one of the most important skills to learn ourselves and teach our children. Let's start by saying that if you are not enjoying cooking in general, or that you are dreading spending time in the kitchen this activity would seem both laborsome and a lot of hard and not fun work. No judgment here, I admit that I don't LOVE cooking, I do it because I choose to. You know that I am a huge proponent of sustainable living and this is true with regards to eating and feeding as well. If you find yourself repeatedly struggling and dreading mealtime then you have to ask yourself, WHY? What about this time of day is making me feel this way? Is it because I did not prepare ahead of time? Is it because the recipe I've chosen Is too complicated, has too many ingredients and steps? Could it be because I am too slow in the kitchen? Or is it because there is too much chaos around this time every day?

Even as a nutritionist and a health nut myself I don't think it is necessary to overcomplicate food, especially the weekly meals. I enjoy cooking, but you will not find me during the week cooking elaborate meals with more than 10 ingredients, and I'm also not afraid of repeating meals and eating the same food the next day (with the exception of salads of course). Whatever I have to do to streamline this process for myself, make life easy for myself, I do it.

So, yup, today we're having the same rice with chicken like yesterday, yes we're having soup, again. Remember, you are not only their mom, you are also the leader, and it is important to assert yourself with confidence consistently. This way they are learning that they can trust you, that it is OK to wait until the food is ready, that they are not going to die.

I love talking with other nutritionists and dietitians who also work with moms and pick their brains on how they approach these issues. So, Today I am talking with Jodi Danen, who is a wife, a mom of two, a registered dietitian and the founder, where she educates parents on healthy eating & cooking skills. She is also the creator of Lunch Bites school lunch note cards. These lunch box note cards feature positive notes or acts of kindness on the front with jokes and facts on the back. All cards are focused on food and nutrition. Kids love the positive fun of discovering a Lunch Bites note card in their lunch box, backpack or sports bag! If you are interested to learn more about these cards and get a little discount check out the link in the show notes. You can use the coupon code DORIT to get 10% off your purchase.

She is passionate about teaching children to cook at a young age & believes this is key to forming healthy habits for life. She lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Here's what we cover: 

  • What's the best way to avoid making more than one meal every day that picky eater will enjoy as well?
  • What is the best age for kids to start cooking on their own?
  • Advice for moms who do not enjoy cooking
  • Why is it important not be too strict with healthy food?

Show Notes

Busy Moms Get Healthy My Closed Facebook Group

Lunch Bites - School lunch notes cards 


Ep 34 - Stop Feeling Overwhelmed By Living According To The Four Phases Of Creation - Part 2

December 6th, 2017

Today's episode is the continuation/part two from episode 32, where I talk about how when you are living in alignment with the cyclical nature of your menstrual cycle, with how you eat, exercise and socialize you are stepping into your greatness, ripping the benefits of living in accordance with the body's natural flow and embodying womanhood fully.

This way of living allows you to move through your life in a gentler way, where you are not as harsh with yourself as so many of us are. And I think we all know what I mean by that, right?

As women and mothers, we feel guilty all the time and about everything.

We should ourselves all day long, we should have done that, said that, bought that, or didn't buy that, went there, stayed home, and this list just goes on and on and on...

Today I am going to teach you how to live in alignment with your cyclical nature, how to capitalize on the different stages of each phase and how, as a result, you can be kinder and gentler to yourself throughout your days, weeks, months and years. By the way, I learned this system from Kate Northrup, so if you're interested in more of this you should definitely check her out. She talks about sustainable success in motherhood and how to have more by doing less.

In part one I talked about how our menstrual cycle is our base point for everything, and how our food, exercise and the way we socialize should change during each phase of the cycle. So, if you didn't listen to it, please go back and listen, you can find this training over at my website,

Today I am going to talk about the last piece, which is how we should change and adapt, not only how we eat, exercise and socialize, but also how we work, study and just in general move through our days. This is super important to know and understand because we are human beings living on planet earth in a body that is connected to nature. Knowing this gives you the power to say yes (or no) to things at the right time because this is what right for you. This gives you the feeling that you have control over your life so that you are able to be proactive about the things that matter to you as opposed to being reactive to other people's schedules, your never-ending to-do list, your kids activities, spending time with the people you love, etc. You are the queen and you get to design your life in accordance with this system. When you master this, you will feel like you're ruling the world.

So, there are four phases to anything you do or create, whether it is a project you are working on at work, organizing a birthday party for your child, or literally giving birth. We all move through these four phases, which are also known as the four cycles of success, and they are:

Visibility - this phase has the energy of the full moon, summer, ovulation, peak fertility, rebirth, and receptivity. This is when things can be brought into manifestation. This is when you are allowing yourself to be seen, heard, present. If you think of yourself as a flower, then this is the time to blossom! 

In the framework of a day, this would start at 7 am and go until 11 am, which is when the sun is already high in the sky and your day has officially started. Everyone is waking up, you're packing kids lunches, backpacks are all set, hair is being brushed and everyone is rushing out the door. It's a new day!

In the framework of a week, this would be early to mid-week (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday), which is when you are well into the week, into a project, into whatever you are working on that particular week.

In terms of your monthly cycle, this would be the time of ovulation. This is when you are most fertile and your hormones are all geared towards accepting a sperm and create life. Whether if you are planning on getting pregnant or not, use this energy of the month to bring something you are working on to life. This is a great time to spread the word about what you're working on, to press send, to publish, to launch. This is a great time to start new things. This is also when you might feel most chatty and most magnetic, so it's a great time to socialize, go out on dates, play with the kids, go out with your girlfriends, do sales calls, sell. You'll notice that this is when people will tell you that you look really good, and this is because biologically you are super fertile which is needed in order to attract a mate. Capitalize on this energy! Since this is when you are most fertile, again whether if you are planning on getting pregnant or not, this is the time of the month to have sex.

Make this day of the month special, luscious and magnetic. Have fun Since you have lots of energy during this time of the month, enjoy dancing, bouncing off the walls, singing, and wear something that makes you feel good. And please, note that there is a difference between wearing something that makes you look sexy and something that makes you feel sexy.

So we spoke about this energy that happens daily at 6 am, weekly at about mid-week (Tuesday-Wednesday), Monthly (once a month on the day of your ovulation), and in a context of a year, this would be summertime. It would be the longest day of the year during the summer solstice, so stay outside as long as you can in order to honor the energy of visibility as much as you possible.

Culmination - If visibility has the energy of starting new things, the energy of culmination is bringing things into completion. This is important, especially for those of us who like to start new things but never finish them. The energy of this time in a day, week, month and a year is all geared toward culminating something you've worked on during visibility. Just to give you an example, and since we're all moms here, let's say that during visibility you were researching about a swim school for your kids. You asked friends, you made phone calls, you've seen a few schools. Now it's time to take action, choose a school and make the payment. This is what I mean by culminating something, bringing it to an end, instead of leaving something hanging in the air forever. Incomplete tasks, projects, to-dos are huge energy leaks which you want to eliminate as much as possible from your life. This is why it is important to say 'NO' to most things, especially if they are not aligned with your life's vision and purpose (more on that in a later episode).

In a day, the energy of visibility would start at 7 am and go until 12 pm, then at 12 pm, this is when the energy of culmination begins and ends at about 6 pm. This is when you are most productive at work, getting stuff done, and finishing up and getting ready to go home. This is when you feel like your energy for the day is almost gone, you are getting tired, craving coffee, or a mid-day sugary snack or a pick-me-up.

In a week this would be the time of almost end of the week, starting at Thursday and ending on Friday night.

In terms of your menstrual cycle, culmination would occur during the luteal phase, which biologically is designed to be longer than ovulation, which is a great signal and reminder from the universe that it takes much more time to complete something than start it. There are times for new beginnings but now is not for that. This is when you will have the extra energy you need to complete, finish and culminate things. Whether it is a friendship you are waning down, weaning your baby off of a pacifier or a boob or sleep training your baby, this is time to GSD. Which stand for getting s.h.i.t done! Track your menstrual cycle and use the energy of the luteal phase to complete projects. If you are not menstruating, align yourself with the lunar cycle, and use the energy of the waning moon to wrap things up. I love this quote by Kate Northrup: "When you honor the gifts of the phase of creation you’re in, you get a lot more done in a lot less time."

Looking at a year, this would be the time of fall, when leafs are falling and the earth is getting ready to go inward for winter.

Fertile Void - I love this expression because it embodies the polarity of two forces that seem to not have anything to do with one another. On the one hand, it is void, empty, as though nothing is happening, and on the other it is fertile. How can that be? Let's see what is going on here. The energy during this time of the day, week, month and year pertains to rest, pausing, replenishing, and taking a breath. This is one of the most important phases of creation as this is actually when it all starts. This is the time to re-evaluate, recentre and refocus.

In terms of a day, this is the time when you are asleep when your body's energy is being replenished and your mind is quiet. This is why you keep hearing that sleep is so crucial as you cannot function without it. As mothers, so many of us are sleep deprived, and I believe that for a period of time, we sort of lose our sense of security and safety because of this loss of sleep, because we lose what is supposed to ground us for the whole day, week, month and year.

In terms of the week, this would be on Saturday. We all know what the bible says about the 7th day of the week, which is the day of rest. You are not supposed to work, to do any "productive" activities. Only rest. Spend time with family, kids, play board games and just give yourself permission to slow down and lay fallow.

It’s the same energy as the season of winter, the new moon, and the time of the month when we bleed (aka our menstrual cycle).

I love this quote by Kate Northrup: "Deep, true creativity doesn’t emerge despite the deep pause; it emerges because of it."

I think in order to thrive in our lives we need to learn how to pause, sit in silence, quite our minds. Stop the chatter and tune into what matters. This is where the feeling of grounding is coming from.


Emergence - this phase is the beginning of anything. The energy of the spring, where everything is just beginning to bloom, you see tiny buds coming out from the branches of the trees, you can smell renewal and newness in the air. 

Looking at a day, emergence would be early in the morning, right before the sun is rising, when your body will be moving a lot as to signify that you've had enough to sleep, it's time to wake up. This is also the energy of Sunday, where the week starts anew and we get to start all over again. This is the time to plant seeds and get started.

If you are like me this time in the cycle of creation would feel really good, since it is much easier to start something rather than finishing it. So in order to thrive in your life, it is important to embrace the energy of culmination and the fertile void in order to complete what you set your attention to without burning yourself out.

Let's say you want to plan a way overdue date night with your husband. This would be the time you'd use google a lot, you'll research, have ideas, it will start flowing to you easily. In order to get the most out of this phase, make sure to put your ideas on paper, so you don't feel scattered and all over the place.

Emergence has the same energy as the follicular phase of your period (which is the 5 days or so after you bleed).

If you really want to thrive then it is super important to embrace whichever phase you're currently at, and move through the cycle with grace, self-compassion and being reasonable, kind and thoughtful towards yourself. You can't and should not, do everything at once and at one time. It takes time to create, birth and complete. It is time to let go of perfection and the desire to do everything. Life doesn't work this way, so I want you to be gentle with yourself and embrace good-enoughness into your life.

That's it. These are the four phases of birthing or creating anything you desire in your life.

You may be asking yourself where is it start? Which phase of creation is the start? The answer to that is there is no beginning and there is no end to a cycle. It constantly flows, moving through the phases until one day, it no longer exists. Which from the perspective of the human experience would mean death, or transitioning from this world into a new realm of being.

You are literally a magnet for creating and manifesting things into your life. Master this and you will soar in your womanhood, mothering, and relationships.

I hope this was super helpful and insightful for you, now I want to hear from you! Which phase are you at in your life, motherhood or marriage right now? And what are the steps you are going to take in order to get the best of where you're at right now? Find me on facebook, and message me! I go under Dorit Palvanov. You are also welcome to join my closed FB group where we talk about this kind of stuff and more.


Ep 33 - How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile with Guest Dr. Anthony Jay

December 4th, 2017

Today's interview is super important for all of us women, mothers, and our daughters, our sons and husbands as well! Basically, if you are a human being, this information is important for you to be aware of.

Today we are talking about the problem of human exposure to artificial estrogens in our environment and how they are making us fat, sick and infertile. Now, estrogen is a naturally occurring female hormone, however, there are many health problems which happen as a result of too much estrogen in the body. In my work with women and teenage girls, one of the things I teach is called cycle-syncing, which is how to balance out your hormones, especially estrogen, throughout the month with food, exercise, adapting how you work and study, and of course, the way you socialize. All of this would be so much easier for me and them if excess estrogen wasn't a problem in women!! I see this all the time, women and girls follow rigidly what I recommend, but they still struggle with the initial symptoms which brought them to work with me. Some of these symptoms are weight gain, acne, PCOS, PMS, Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Low Energy, Thyroid problems, etc.

Personally, I have a very strong gut feeling that a lot of the underlying reasoning for that is that our bodies are flooded with way too much estrogen, mostly artificial, that isn't excreted efficiently from the body. Which is why it is important to support the body and especially our elimination organs and help it eliminate this excess estrogen as much as possible. However, another way to help the body to excrete the excess estrogen is by knowing where these artificial estrogenics are coming from and what you should do in order to avoid as much of it as you can.

Dr. Anthony G. Jay is a husband, father, scientist, author, speaker, barefoot runner, and hard-core outdoorsman. Dr. Jay earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine, researching fats, hormones, and cholesterol.

He has a gift for simplifying even the most complex cutting-edge health science research making it relevant to everyone. Anthony is the author of the book ESTROGENERATION - How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile. Currently, Dr. Jay currently is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota researching stem cells, and epigenetics.

Show Notes: 

Dr. Anthony Jay's Podcast

Dr. Anthony Jay's Book: Estrogeneration - How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile (Chagrin & Tonic)

Personal Care Products Dr. Jay uses daily 

Estrogenic Avoidance Plans

Berkey Water Filter 


Ep 32 - How To Modify What You Eat, How You Exercise and Socialize According To The Four Phases Of Your Monthly Cycle (aka Cycle syncing)

November 30th, 2017

How much do you love and appreciate being a woman?

Come on, be honest.

How much do you really love bleeding every month?

How much do you really appreciate the fact that your mood shifts every two seconds?

How much do you really love the fact that anything can make you cry, that you can't shut your mouth when needed, you feel guilty about pretty much everything, that everything feels right and wrong at the same time, oh and you know that feeling that you have to apologize for everything? How much do you really love that about yourself?

How about your constant search for balance? I don't hear men looking for balance. How come they have it and we don't??

Admit that you feel unappreciated at home because it is clear that you do much more than your partner. Your work never ends. We've all been complaining that we have two shifts, one starts once you leave home and the other starts once you come back home.

How do you feel about the biological clock question (is it time to have a baby, should I wait should I not).

How much do you love your female body? How much do you love these curves of yours, stretch marks, the saggy belly that you've earned after multiple pregnancies, oh and don't get me started talking about being pregnant, I mean up to six months is was kinda cute but after that, I felt like a whale or a sea lion)?

Are you with me so far?

Then there are deeper layers to this question, deeper layers pertaining to your womanhood. 

As women, I think we all struggle with setting boundaries, to protect ourselves and our families (but how to do it in a way that doesn't make us look bad?).

How about knowing what you want with regards to your life's purpose? I hate this question! What do you mean what I want? I want everything and I want it now!

How about the feeling we all have that we are in constant competition with no other than other women? How absurd is that? I love this quote “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

How are you doing with regards the most complicated relationship you'll have, which is with your MOTHER?

So yeah, being a woman is messy, juicy, complicated, chaotic (sometimes) but so beautiful, wild and majestic. Unfortunately, so many women (and I include myself in this as well) would much rather be men. Life seems easier as a man. However, If there is something the world is missing at this point in time is more feminine power. More flexibility, fluidity, and compassion. Which are all qualities of the divine feminine.

What is a woman? What does it mean to be feminine?

Womanhood and femininity both embody polarity. There is softness on one side but harshness on the other, compassion on one side and ferocity on the other. As women, we all strive to live in contentment and adventure, freedom and service. We all, in some way, possess beauty, creativity, intuition, and love, although most of us have no idea how to embody womanhood and live in alignment with our divine feminine superpower. I'm not pretending to know more than you on this topic, I do admit, however, that I am super curious and thirsty to figure it out and hope you will join me on this journey.

What you need to know is that you are made for love, and you are loved, cellulite and all. My goal with this particular podcast episode is to expose every woman to the richness and beauty of her female body and how to use this knowledge so you can live your life with ease and flow.

Many of us don't know that the female body is cyclical in nature, meaning it restores itself in a cyclical rhythm (as opposed to the masculine nature which is linear for the most part). Don't get me wrong, men cycle as well, however their cyclicality culminates every 24 hours, as opposed to women who cycle for 30 days. What are some examples of nature's cycles? Seasons (weather and climate change appx every quarter), day and night (change every 24 hours), the moon (which goes through four phases each month).

As human beings we are not disconnected from nature, the contrary is true, we are part of nature and, as a result, our bodies also go through cycles and changes. Females, in particular, cycle through menstruation which averages 28 days, which, interestingly is very similar to the phases of the moon, and we'll talk about that in a second.

Before I go any further into this topic, I want to include a side note. If your cycle is less than 28 days or more than that you can still benefit from this as well. We are talking about an average here, but the point to remember here is the predictability. If your menstrual cycle is pretty regular and repeats regularly, this info is relevant to you.

First of all, you need to know that we, women, are connected to the moon (which also is on a 30-day cycle), so in case you no longer menstruate, you can still benefit from cyclicality by following the four phases of the moon every 30 days. So, If your menstrual cycle is irregular, due to conditions such as polycystic ovaries (aka PCOS), PMS, weight gain, or if you are still breastfeeding and haven't gotten your period yet, you can still live in cyclicality, but instead of your body's rhythm, you can sync yourself to the four phases of the moon.

If you are interested to learn more about this you can follow Dr. Ezzie Spencer online who is the creator of, where she teaches women how to benefit from your relationship with the moon. I know this sounds woo-woo, but believe me, this stuff actually works. Think of it as a lost wisdom which you are relearning. I am actually working on bringing her on the show for an interview, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I will include her website in the show notes so you can check her out.

Just like most things in nature (four phases of the moon, four phases of seasons), there are 4 different phases of the female cycle:

Menstrual Phase - begins on the first day of menstruation and lasts until the 5th day of the menstrual cycle. The following events occur during this phase:

  • The uterus sheds its inner lining of soft tissue and blood vessels which exits the body from the vagina in the form of menstrual fluid.
  • Blood loss of 10 ml to 80 ml is considered normal.
  • You may experience abdominal cramps. These cramps are caused by the contraction of the uterine and the abdominal muscles to expel the menstrual fluid.

Follicular Phase - This phase also begins on the first day of menstruation, but it lasts until the 13th day of the menstrual cycle. The following events occur during this phase:

  • The pituitary gland secretes a hormone that stimulates the egg cells in the ovaries to grow.
  • One of these egg cells begins to mature in a sac-like-structure called follicle. It takes 13 days for the egg cell to reach maturity.
  • While the egg cell matures, its follicle secretes a hormone that stimulates the uterus to develop a lining of blood vessels and soft tissue called endometrium.

Ovulation Phase - (day 14)

On the 14th day of the cycle, the pituitary gland secretes a hormone that causes the ovary to release the matured egg cell. The released egg cell is swept into the fallopian tube by the of the fimbriae. Fimbriae are finger-like projections located at the end of the fallopian tube close to the ovaries and cilia are slender hair-like projections on each Fimbria.

Luteal phase (day 15-28) -  This phase begins on the 15th day and lasts until the end of the cycle. The following events occur during this phase:

  • The egg cell released during the ovulation phase stays in the fallopian tube for 24 hours.
  • If a sperm cell does not impregnate the egg cell at that time, the egg cell disintegrates.
  • The hormone that causes the uterus to retain its endometrium gets used up by the end of the menstrual cycle. This causes the menstrual phase of the next cycle to begin.

Throughout these 4 different phases, your hormones are at alternating levels. Your energy, diet, willingness to socialize and emotions differ from phase to phase. As females, we are only thaught about the menstrual cycle and most of us know nothing about the other three phases and how to eat, exercise and optimize them for overall health and vitality. Today I want to teach you how you can use this information so that you can THRIVE at work, your relationships, parenting, marriage and other important aspects of your life.

This is what I mean by saying - own your divine feminine superpower!

Here we go.

Let's start by talking about how your diet should vary during each phase:

The one thing to remember throughout this entire process is that estrogen, the female hormone, needs to be excreted properly and efficiently from the body. And the best way to do it is via food.

Most symptoms that occur from hormonal imbalance issues are the result of excess estrogen. The foods I'm going to mention here support the metabolization of estrogen through your elimination organs and the removal of that unwanted excess from your body.

I am going to talk about generic foods here, however, inside the THRIVE mastermind is where we are going to go much deeper into this and you will actually get a complete meal plan with recipes from me based on this philosophy.

Follicular phase (before you ovulate, after your period)

Artichoke, broccoli, carrot, parsley, green peas, string beans and zucchini

Ovulatory phase (when you’re ovulating)

Asparagus, brussels sprouts, chard, escarole, scallion, spinach

Luteal phase (before you have your period)

Cauliflower, collard greens, daikon, onion, parsnip, radish, squash, sweet potato

Menstrual phase (your period)

Beet, kale, kelp, mushrooms

If you eat in accordance with your cycle, your body will get the support it needs to live in alignment with nature, excrete the estrogen efficiently and your painful symptoms will be eliminated. Help your body do what it was designed to do!

How your exercise regime should be different in each cycle:

Again, since each phase has a different level of hormones, it is not wise to always follow the same exercise regime for every day of your cycle. Here's what you can try instead.

During Menstruation: 

Workout: Walk – keep your workouts mild, even if you’re not feeling major discomfort.

When: An evening stroll is a perfect way to get some simple movement.

Follicular Phase (the week after your period)

Workout: Run

When: Mid-day – your estrogen will be low and your cortisol levels will be just right for a challenging cardio burst.

Ovulation (mid-cycle)

Workout: Intense cardio, dance, or bodyweight circuit

When: Early morning – you’ll have tons of energy during this time of the month, so take advantage of that natural high! Your testosterone is higher during this phase, so whatever you do, feel free to go all out!

Premenstrual/Luteal Phase

Workout: Pilates, yoga

When: Keep it early during the first half, and then transition into the early evening. You might still feel full of energy during the first days of your luteal phase, so feel free to keep kicking butt in more intense workouts early in the day. But if you start to experience PMS symptoms in the days before your period, it’s time to tone it down and switch to Pilates or strength training in the early evening. Restorative (yin) yoga before bed can also be hugely helpful in combatting issues like moodiness and bloating.

Let's talk about how your social and mental state changes during each phase:  

You know how sometimes you're feeling magnetic, energized, and dying to meet new people, and other times in the month you feel withdrawn, anti-social like you need to do some meditating/reflecting? If yes, then you're actually already cycling syncing without even knowing! I'm going to talk about where to put the female social and energetic focus during each phase.

In general, during my period I spend lots of time alone, reflecting, journaling, and taking long baths. I say "no" to most social situations and use this time as a way to reflect on the past month to see what worked and what didn't. Think of it as a time when your body is shedding a lining, and for you to shed specific habits, people, or hobbies that are no longer serving you. A little "spring cleaning", if you will.

In the follicular phase, I set goals for myself and plan out my month. I also set intentions for myself and my career. It's a great time to start projects as your brain is most active with structural thinking.

During my ovulation phase, I'm normally most social. I crave time with my girlfriends and say yes to all social invites. I also plan my own calendar according to my cycle. When I'm ovulating, I am most communicative so I plan important business meetings and first dates around this time. I'm also most apt to collaborate during this time. It's a great time to call an old friend or your mother.

In the first half of my luteal phase, I feel still social so I still go out and hang with friends. I'm usually most assertive during this phase, no BS. Halfway through, I begin to feel agitated if I am around people too much and begin to feel myself turning inwards. Obviously, in modern day America I don't have the pleasure of saying "no" to all social obligations and meetings, so I practice grace here and do my best to honor my body while staying realistic.

If you are at least curious about this way of living, I recommend to check out Alisa Vitti's work about Cycle Syncing, I definitely recommend picking up the book Womancode, get the Floliving myFLO app, and following the FloLiving blog. And you can find links to all that in the show notes. If you are ready to take back control over your health and are looking for someone who will guide you through this process, apply to the THRIVE Mastermind, again, there's a link to apply in the show notes below. We'll do cycle-syncing, meal plans, nutritional coaching, learn how to break through resistance and learn to love your female body. If you are interested, fill out the application and let's see if we are a good fit!

Show Notes 

Apply To The THRIVE Mastermind For Conscious Women Who Are Raising Themselves And Their Girls

Women Code By Alisa Vitti 

Floliving App 

Lunar Abundance Website

Lunar Abundance Book by Dr. Ezzie Spencer 


Ep 31 - Getting Your Momjo Back with Liat Kerbel Horovitz and Carolina Rzeznikiewiz Co-creators of Momjo

November 27th, 2017

I remember when I first became a mom I was super motivated and excited, full of stamina and grit, and I've put all of myself into mothering and parenting. Then, when baby #2 come along I kinda got the hang of it all and realized that this is not exactly what I've envisioned in the beginning. Rest, fun and true joy were pushed to the side and the "responsible me" kicked in to do the work, whether it is parenting my kids or my day to day job. But what happens when you work at a place that drains and sucks the life out of you? If you are surrounded by negativity, drama and small talk all day long, or if you realize that you do work that is not inspiring or really important in the world? Or what if you have a soul ache that calls you to explore more of yourself, try something new and find your true purpose?

On top of all that, every day you come back come to crying babies, needy kids, homework, dishes, laundry and a husband with his own needs? How do you think this woman shows up in her life as a mother? Will she enjoy her children? Will she be able to see them for who they truly are without projecting her own discomfort onto them? How would this woman show up in her marriage? Will she be able to enjoy her sex life, explore more of her sensuality and body with her partner? How will she show up in her life? Happy and joyful? Or bitter and miserable?

For most of us, this looks like overwhelm, chronic stress, we feel like we want out every single day, some of us even regret we did this to ourselves n the first place. It's hard, it's challenging, uninspiring, and soul-sucking. So many women I work with feel like they have to suck it up, put their big girls pants on and keep going. They must do what they need to do, wait it out and then, 18 years later, MAYBE things will change. Sometimes this becomes really dangerous as this void in the soul is literally manifested as a disease in the body. None of us wants that, of course. But what do you do? How do you change? Can you change?

I think the first thing we must realize is that this is a choice. Every day is a choice. You deserve this, you are worthy of it and you are enough. You can either live your life on auto-pilot or choose to seek out ways to thrive as a woman, wife and a mother. This is exactly what we are exploring, together, on this podcast and in the THRIVE Mastermind for Conscious Mothers who are ready to make a difference in their lives with regards to their health, wellbeing, relationships, marriage, and parenting. Show up for yourself because you are worth it! 

Today I have a fun interview with two mamas, Liat and Carolina, co-creators of the Momjo movement which is all about inspiring, empowering, motivating and entertaining moms. They both have three kids, like myself, and I love their fun, honest and vulnerable YouTube videos targeted at moms like you and I and, calling us to embrace our passions, curiosity, and individuality.

I love their style, humor, vulnerability, and glow but most of all I love the fact that they are my neighbors and I actually got to hang out with them once in the playground with our kids! So cool to be able to hug these women in person! We've had some issues with the sound but I think our conversation was so juice and interesting so I decided to launch it anyway.

So without further ado, here's my interview with Liat and Carolina!

Show Notes

Apply to The Thrive Mastermind For Conscious Mothers

Momjo on YouTube 

Momjo on Instagram 

Momjo on Facebook


Ep 30 - How To THRIVE Even While Your Child Is Being Diagnosed With A Disease or A Scary Health Condition?

November 24th, 2017

Before we get into today’s episode I have an announcement. I am opening the doors for the first time to the THRIVE Mastermind Program for Conscious Mothers.

Does raising small children mean you have to suffer through it one day at a time, or can you actually THRIVE and enjoy my life as a woman, wife, and a mother?

The answer begins with a decision.

The decision that your health matters, your well-being matters, you are worth it and deserve to feel good. This is the best thing you can do for your daughter who will one day model you.

Imagine how that would feel like to see your daughter modeling so naturally what you had to work so hard for?

This is what you will learn in the Thrive Mastermind For Conscious Mothers

So what does it mean to THRIVE as a woman, wife, and mother?

It means to feel safe and in harmony inside your own body.

It means to understand how the body works, how your digestive system and metabolism work.

It means figuring out what is your chronotype and utilize sleep to support your health.

It means to live in alignment with your menstrual cycle and hormones.

It means to cultivate emotional mastery and learn how to regulate your big emotions.

It means to find what it is that you want to do with your life, how you want to feel and courageously design the roadmap to get there.

It means to know how to feel good about your sexuality and optimize joy and pleasure.

More than anything, It means embodying womanhood. Feeling really good in your own skin, and hopefully, pass that on to your daughter.

If this sounds like something your soul has been craving, this is your chance. I only accept serious women into this program, only women who are serious about making a change in their lives. Women who are done surviving and are ready to THRIVE!

Fill out this application and let’s see if we are a good fit.

You deserve to feel good! 

I am committed to guiding you and holding your hand with love, compassion, and sisterhood, but also to kick your booty when needed.

By filling up this application you are not committing to anything, other than giving yourself permission to be curious and ask if this is something that can help you show up in your life as a better mother, better wife, and better woman.

Alright, let’s jump into today’s episode.

Seeing your child going through a hard time is heartbreaking and uncomfortable, that’s for sure. Remember the first time they got sick or had a fever? They look so miserable and you simply have no idea what to do or how to cope with this. I remember the first time my older daughter had a febrile seizure, which was the worst thing you can imagine, and if your child had it, you know what I mean. The shaking, the foam that comes out of their mouth, and then after it passes the next thirty minutes of them being completely immobile or like they’ve just had an out of body experience, which if you think about it actually is true. As parents we freak out, we lose control, we feel helpless and useless especially when you are faced with the bureaucracy of whatever health care system you are a part of.

Trust me, I’ve been there many times, I understand how that feels.

Today I want to talk to you about something I am currently faced with which definitely feels like the most difficult time as a mother, wife and just overall in my life as a human being. Two of my kids have been diagnosed with scary diseases/health conditions which is heartbreaking, scary and dead on uncomfortable. I can’t say this is easy for me, or that I know what I’m doing. What I can share with you are the three things I do in order to stay sane and cruise this season of our lives in the most smooth way possible.

I work with mothers and daughters and I see them struggle with something all the time. A struggle is a part of the process. Growth is only possible when we overcome some kind of struggle in our lives, only then it feels as though you have mastered whatever you are faced with. I love this quote by Eckhart Tolle, who is a spiritual leader and it goes like this: “Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary”. What this means is that you will, or at least whatever you are experiencing will feel like suffering as long as you are unaware of something or see something through a different lens. Only after you change your perspective on things, go through a certain life experience, will you be able to feel like you no longer suffer.

I know this sounds a little woo-woo, and it is in a way, but honestly, I believe this is the way the world works. Now, I say this because if I didn’t understand this fully, I would not be able to show up for my kids the way I want to.

If I didn’t understand this, I would be freaking out, losing my cool, feeling stuck in victim mentality constantly asking the question: “why me?? why my kids? why do they deserve it?”

That being said, I choose to show up in a way that is in alignment with how I want to feel, which is confident, grounded, clear, trusting and safe. These are the feelings and emotions I want to cultivate in my life with regards to all aspects, and my kids’ health is no exception.

So what are the three things I do in order to get through this hard time:

  1. Self-care is non-negotiable as well as putting clear boundaries around my time – right now I do not have the time for excuses and putting things off. I’m not talking about manicure-pedicure here (although I got that done last week), what I am talking about here is practicing mindfulness and physical activity. Yoga and meditation are my go-to’s and I stick to them religiously. They help me feel in control of my emotional state, take necessary actions with a clear and calm mind. If your child is facing a health condition, you are not being of service to them if you act from a place of fear or self-neglect. Right now they need you strong, clear, positive and faithful. Give yourself permission to practice the things that help you feel good, so that you can show up to your child’s struggles fully with love, compassion, and resilience. In terms of putting clear boundaries around my time, what I mean is that right now I say “no” to almost everything. My energy is limited right now and I want to make sure I use it wisely, so I am making a conscious choice and being clear about my time. A friend wants to go for lunch, sorry but now is not the right time for that. A family wants to come over for dinner, sorry now is not the time for that. Binging on Netflix is also not the best idea. Even with my work, I’ve had to put my entire business operation in low gear because now is not the time to go full force. I support my paying clients, but other than that I don’t do anything else. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been scattered with my podcast, and this is the reason.
  2. Food – eating well, feeding and nourishing my body is important now than ever! Food is not only one of life’s greatest pleasures, it also one of life’s best medicines. It would not be wise to binge and numb myself with comfort food that doesn’t support my own health. Especially now I am super selective with regards to the food I put in my body whether it is drinking green shakes every morning, which help to support my digestive system and keep my blood sugar stable, sticking to whole grains rather than empty carbs which spike blood sugar up or keeping myself well hydrated. Now is the time to take a really good care of yourself. Again, if I don’t feel good I can’t be of service to my children, so make sure to feed yourself with food that supports and nourishes your body, and also feed your kids with real food. This is the best way to support yourself and them through this process. Now that I say this, I have to tell you a story that happened to me last week as we were at the hospital to be seen by the doctor. My husband was hungry so he went downstairs to the cafeteria to get himself something to eat, and he was astounded to find only junk food at the hospital’s cafeteria. Yup, that is the crazy world we live in, junk food is being served at the hospital where people need real food now then never. I had to rave about this, so yeah make sure to make good choices with food, especially now.
  3. Sleep – I cannot function without sleep period. There is absolutely nothing I can do for myself or for anyone else unless I get a good sleep. Sometimes nights are terrible and my baby wakes up a lot I know that I have to ask for help during the day so that I can nap for a few hours. Otherwise, I literally cannot function. I’ve had times when I left the stove on, the water running, left the car door open the whole night when I was sleep deprived. Right now sleep is another part of self-care.

Other than that I also make sure to ask for help when I need, stay in connection with my sisters and other strong women who have been through something similar and can reassure me and give me strength.

Actually, now that I think about it everything I’ve shared so far is related to self-care. That’s not a coincidence. Whenever you are faced with a challenging time in your life, you cannot neglect yourself. If you want to show up in your life as an amazing woman, wife, and mother taking care of yourself has to be a non-negotiable! This is what it means to THRIVE.

Check out the mastermind, this is the place for you to be a part of if you are going through something similar. This is where you can get the support and coaching from me, as well as being a part of a like-minded community of moms who share similar struggles.

I hope this has been helpful to you, let me know if you are faced with something similar in your own life and how you’re dealing with it. You can email me or send me a private message via Facebook, I go under Dorit Palvanov.

May God bless us all with strength, vitality, healing, and love!

Sending you much love and many blessings,


Show Notes:

THRIVE Coaching Program Application


Ep 29 - EverlyWell’s At-Home Lab Tests With Dr. Marra Francis

November 20th, 2017

Here's a phenomenon I see repeating again and again with the women I work with, there is this almost unconscious and complete co-dependency between women and their healthcare providers. We believe these health care providers are Gods and as if they are not humans we outsource our wellbeing and health to them willingly almost entirely.

I say this because if you want to THRIVE as a woman, you have got to take back control of your own health, whether it is by educating yourself, consulting various practitioners across the board whether through conventional or alternative medicine. Do whatever you need to do in order to see yourself as an active player fighting in the arena for your health.

I am not saying that you shouldn't be consulting with a doctor if you feel needed, what I am saying is that you need to understand that no one can heal you other than you. No one will show or lead you to a better health if you are not willing to do the work.

One thing that doctors do routinely in a conventional setting is to request lab tests and many women complain that after these tests return normal they are left in a painful situation. Physically, you still don't feel good, but your lab tests don't show anything abnormal. What do you do?

One thing I recommend to women is to try various at-home lab testing to see if there is anything they can discover that the regular laboratory couldn't pick up. I think this is a great way to complement the labs that your doctor ordered and involve your health care practitioner in figuring out the root cause of your health challenge.

Today on the show I am interviewing Dr. Marra Francis who is the medical director for an at-home lab testing company called EverlyWell. Marra is a Board Certified OB/Gyn practicing since 2003. In her clinical practice, Marra's focus is on women who are high risk for cancer either because of genetic mutations or family history, and the goal is to try and reduce their risk of developing cancer in the future. Marra lives in Texas with her husband, their 6 kids, and two dogs.

Here's a little information about the company: Founded in 2015 by CEO Julia Cheek, EverlyWell is the next generation health testing platform that provides at-home lab testing kits with beautifully redesigned results. This is the only company offering a suite of regulatory-compliant, physician-mediated lab tests that can be ordered and collected by consumers without leaving home.

With the exception of STD testing, EverlyWell’s tests provide personalized information and education to the consumer; they are not intended to diagnose any disease or condition or to substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

Knowledge is always power - knowing more about your body gives you the power to make changes to better your health.

Without further ado, here's my interview with Dr. Marra Francis:

Show Notes

EverlyWell Website

Watch EverlyWell on ABCs Shark Tank on November 26th, 2017


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