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When The World Is Falling Apart (ep-157)

June 6th, 2020

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Help! I’m quarantined with a selfish husband! (ep-153)

April 23rd, 2020

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151. Mom, you CAN do hard things [an interview with Chantel Anderson]

April 3rd, 2020

It seems like the world has flipped upside down. We’ve been quarantined for three weeks and I see how having everyone at home all the time in each other’s faces can bring up a lot of challenges to a family. This is not how I want to go through this. I know my kids and us will remember this time for the rest of our lives, so let’s do this the way God wants us to.

Today on the show you’ll hear me chat with Chantel Anderson.

Chantel Anderson is a Love Expert, Spiritual Health & Love Coach and Speaker, Wife of 10 years and mother of five. Her superpower is effective communication -She can take the complication out of any learning process, make it simple to understand so that you get clarity and direction you need the first time around!

Chantel Anderson’s coaching programs are loved-based teachings, love being the irreplaceable food for the spirit. With these teachings, Chantel Anderson has helped mompreneurs heal, clear away the fluff that gets in the way, find balance, unbreakable confidence and discover who they really and what they offer to the world.

The journey of a mompreneur is a spiritual journey. Give yourself a head start by learning how to heal, nourish and strengthen your spirit so it can get you to desire goals of money, success and happiness more abundantly.

Whether your thinking about a new adventure already on one, Chantel Anderson helps you to manage and stay in control of all the emotional, mental and spiritual bumps along the way!

Highlights from today’s episode

1. Chantel’s story

2. What is a broken spirit? How does it show up in our lives?

3. Why moms are more prone to having a broken spirit?

4. How to heal a broken spirit?

5. How love is the antidote for a broken spirit and how to tap into love more than judgment or self-loathing.

6. Chantel’s definition of love

7. The difference between spirituality and religious beliefs and why it’s important for women to embrace spirituality in all they do?

I’ve decided to share this episode today as I think now more than ever is the right time to connect with our spirits so we can strong during these uncertain times for ourselves and our families.

We can do this!

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Using The Four Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle as a Healing & Self-Care Framework (with Dr. Alex Golden) [ep-150]

March 26th, 2020

I am so excited to introduce you to Dr. Alex Golden, the co-founder of Zesty Ginger. Together with her partner, Megan Blacksmith, they teach women how to live in alignment with the four phases of their menstrual cycle.

Dr. Alex Golden is known for her integrative MD approach to health through both functional and conventional medicine and for teaching women the tools they need to be their own health advocates. 

You are going to LOVE this interview, we’ve cover so much important points you need to know about as a woman!

This episode is an absolute MUST listen!

I have learned so much from Dr. Golden, she’s incredibly wise and intelligent and her life’s journey is inspiring on so many levels. She and I both have a Russian background and we talk about that too, navigating the Russian mentality and culture, healing from the Soviet upbringing is not an easy task. The Soviet-style of parenting is ridden with shame, critic, structure and a distance between parent and child. This is not an easy beast to dismantle and heal from and we both are still working on that.

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • Alex’s story and journey from healing chronic pain all the way through her current work with women
  • The heartbreak of not having children, navigating a conversation with her husband, parents, in-laws and the pressure of that.
  • The curse of the good girl and grieving her so we can step into our best selves as women.
  • How Alex and Megan have discovered working with the four phases.
  • What makes the four phases work and the practice of trusting yourself as a woman.
  • The differentiation between owning your power as a woman and what you think you should be able to do compared to men.
  • Hormone balancing and working with the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle can be grouped into 2 overarching goals:
    1. Optimizing inflammatory cascades in the body (phases 1&2)
    2. Optimizing natural detoxification functions for a healthy metabolism and to properly process and remove hormones and hormone-mimicking substances (phases 3&4).
  • What to do if you don’t have a menstrual cycle?
  • What is behind the name zesty ginger?

Show Notes

The Curse of The Good Girl Book

Four Phase Cycle podcast with zesty ginger

@zesy_ginger on IG

Healthy Hormones Group Program

Zesty Ginger Support FB Group

Manifesting Your Dream Body (ep-149)

March 19th, 2020

Today’s episode is my interview with Emily Whiteside.

Emily is a spiritually-aligned alignment coach guiding women to elevate into their next level income, impact, and confidence. Emily’s work helps create transformational shifts in mind, body, and soul through mindset and using the power of manifestation.

She combines energy, mindset, strategy, and total body health to manifest the life, business, impact, and income of your dreams!

Highlights from today’s episode:

  • Emily’s story of healing from eating disorders and how she’d manifested her dream body
  • Emily’s definition of manifesting
  • What does Emily wish women knew about manifesting?
  • What is ‘alignment’? How do you know you’re aligned?
  • The steps Emily went through to manifest the body of her dreams
  • When we’re deeply engaged in the act of manifesting something we desire, where does self-trust fit in?
  • As well as what makes her feel confident, energized and sexy as a woman

If you’re working on manifesting the body of your dreams you’re absolutely going to dig this interview! Emily is fun and relatable and is doing some great work in the world with women.

Show Notes

IG @emilywhiteside

Facebook: Emily Whiteside

Podcast: Infinitely Aligned

How a Working Mama is RVing Around The US with Four Kids? An Interview with Meg Brunson (ep-148)

March 12th, 2020

Yes, you’ve read it right.

Today on the show we’re going to slightly steer from the typical conversations we’re having on this podcast and get a sneak peek into the life of a breadwinner/working mom and how she’s travelling around the US with her family for over six months.

Meg Brunson is a mommy blogger turned Facebook employee who left the 9-5 for a life of freedom and flexibility. She’s currently RVing across the US with her family, while empowering other families to live their dreams, by pursuing their passions together. Her clients are building influence online – leveraging the power of Facebook and Instagram marketing to enjoy predictable leads, traffic, and positive ROI – all while spending more time making happy memories together, as FamilyPreneurs.

Meg is a professional speaker, children’s book author, host of the FamilyPreneur podcast and CEO of EIEIO Marketing.

Highlights from today’s episode

  • Meg’s story and her belief in family and entrepreneurship
  • In six months they visited 30 states, driven 20K miles, and had so many amazing experiences.
  • Want to travel more? You might have to redefine travel and what it means to you
  • Homeschooling while RVing
  • Reintegrating kids back into the schooling system after homeschooling
  • How they handle weather fluctuations while RVing?
  • Cleaning poop, showering, tire popping in the RV. It’s not always rainbows and kitty cats.
  • Working and staying productive while RVing.
  • How to afford all of this travel?
  • Food options and eating healthy while travelling
  • A juicy question – how do they have sex in the RV?
  • As well as what makes Meg feel confident, energized and sexy.

This is a fun but also informative episode especially if you have a desire to travel more but hold yourself back due to fear of the unknown (money, kids, work, etc). I make sure all of my interviews are fun and engaging, but this one will definitely sound like eavesdropping on a conversation between two mamas.

Show Notes

@familyroadventures on IG

Meg’s podcast: FamilyPreneur

FB group: FamilyPreneurs

Invest in Yourself! (ep-147)

March 5th, 2020

Invest in yourself! No one can do this for you! 

Movement In Tune With The Rhythms of Your Female Cycle with Jenn Pike

January 16th, 2020

Today on the podcast I get to geek out with my colleague Jenn Pike, a Registered holistic nutritionist and medical exercise specialist all about the female cycle and how to sync our movement in alignment with the four phases of our menstrual cycle.

This has been such a fun conversation!

If you love talking about the female body, movement, energy, embodiment, and all things women's health this is an episode you don't want to miss!

As women we cycle through a rhythm of a four-phase cycle like Jenn said in this episode, we've been thought that our period is the main event, however, it's not the only event. Our menstrual cycle is divided into four distinct phases which affect how we feel, what we want to eat, our libido and sex drive we want to connect intimately, they affect how we sleep, and the last main thing affected is our bowel movements.

These are the six female markers which I teach my clients to pay attention to when they are on a journey back to themselves and their body. This is super important when we, women are learning to engage more of our feminine energy and as a result step into our most confident, energized and sexy self. This is our superpower and I am so excited for you to meet Jenn and try out her newest program Synced which is what we're going to talk about on today's show.

Highlights from the interview

  • Jenn's story and how she got into the women's health industry
  • Women's bodies women's wisdom - your body is your best health coach and the best way to take care of yourself.
  • The four phases of the menstrual cycle and how to move your body in alignment with it
  • The energetics of the female menstrual cycle
  • Women's connection to the moon
  • The difference between a female and a male cycle (men cycle too!)
  • The best way to teach our daughters to live cyclically from a young age
  • Our menstrual cycle is our monthly report card, pay attention to it!
  • How her program can help women with their sex drive and improving libido.
  • In the second part of the interview Jenn shares her definition of feminine power, her non-negotiables for self-care, what makes her feel confident, energized and sexy as a woman.
  • What advice her now mom-self would have given to her now mom-self
  • Jenn's struggles as a woman
  • And other goodies!

Show Notes:

Healing From Eating Disorders in Body, Mind and Soul with Karin Adoni Ben-David

January 10th, 2020

Today I'm chatting with Karin Adoni Ben-David - a highly sought-after Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach specializing in healthy lifestyles, emotional eating, and sugar detox.

Here are the highlights of our conversation:

* Karin's personal story dealing with eating disorders

* What can mothers do to help our daughters avoid diet culture and the need to be skinny?

* The main struggles of women in Karin's practice

* Emotional eating and the number one cause for weight gain (that has nothing to do with food)

* The truth about diet pills and diets fads

* The importance of owning your own power and health journey.

* Benefits of sugar detox for women

* Tips for dealing with the resistance in the body due to a sugar

As well as what makes her feel confident, energized and sexy as a woman.

This episode is jam-packed with wisdom and great advice from someone who was able to shift her life around and turn her struggle into service and a gift to the world.

You don't want to miss out on this one!

Enjoy listening!


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What Frozen 2 Taught Me As A Woman

December 29th, 2019

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A Decade In Review and Setting Yourself Up For Success in 2020 and Beyond

December 12th, 2019

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REPLAY of the Exact 3 Steps to Get Your Energy Back After Getting Married and Having Kids Webinar

November 14th, 2019

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