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Am I Depressed?


Hey mama, 

This week I got an email from a client and in it, she wrote:

'I get these spells of time and I question if I'm depressed.

Seemingly everything is OK.

I have a husband and a daughter. I'm not majorly ill, barely a sinus issue, I have a good life, I have an anniversary and a birthday this week, we're going out tonight and away for the weekend, but nothing really brings me joy right now.

I don't have to feel happiness 24/7 but I should feel something and I just feel numb right now.'

Are you familiar with this feeling?

I know I am. 

More often than I would like I am flooded with low energy, feel very drained and tired.

I don't want to do anything - get ready, go out, be nice, smile or talk. 

All the things that we have to do to 'show up' in our lives, right?

So what should you do?

How to shift this around? 

This is what I cover in today's podcast episode (episode #110). 


Hope this is helpful and if you resonated with my tips please share this episode with one mama in your life who needs to hear this right now. 

It takes a village to raise a child AND a mama. 

Do your part, show up for yourself and others. 

Sending you much love and many blessings, 




p.s. Want to join the 5-day challenge: From 'sucked dry' to Strong, energized and sexy? Head on over to

We officially begin on July 8th @ 1pm. 

See you on the other side!! xo, Dorit


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