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Don’t Have The Self-Discipline and Energy To Create The Life You Want? (ep-159)


You’ve listened to all the podcasts, read all the books, saw all the FB lives and you know deep in your bones that your life matters and it’s time to take action on your dreams.

What do you want?

To start a blog?

A career change?

Write a book?

You also know that you’re life is full already.

How on earth are you going to create space for something new?

So you tell yourself ‘I’m going to wake up earlier!’

You set your alarm for 6 am the next day, eat food you know isn’t good for you followed by your routine social media scroll.

Then you go to bed.

Comes morning, your alarm goes off at 6am but you can’t get up.

You snooze your phone and go to bed until the kids wake you up.

That day looks like mayhem. You know exactly why.

So you promise yourself ‘starting from tomorrow I will wake up at 6am!’

But then the same story happens.

Before you know it you find yourself in a loop of guilt, shame and regret.

‘Why can’t I find the energy to master myself?’

‘Why do I suck with self-discipline?’

In today’s episode, I explain why this happens and what’s the first step you need to take in order to break this cycle.

This is 100% possible and you owe this to yourself!

Enjoy listening!



I want to hear from you!

Once you’ve listened to the episode, what is one thing in your life you know isn’t sustainable? Tell me in the comments.

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