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‘Self-care’ is not enough to fix how much moms are burnt out [ep-107]


Hey mama, 

Today on the show I talk about the one topic that is nagging at us, moms, like crazy. Constantly.

Wanna guess what that is?

Work-life balance. 

Oh man. If I could get a dime for every time I've heard a mama complain about this I'd be rich by now. 

On the one hand, we're bombarded with well-meaning advice about how to find balance as a mom. 

On the other, you'll find experts, gurus, authors, creators, coaches, and others we look up to openly say that there is no such thing as balance. In other words, get used to living like a crazy person. 

Hustle/chaos/insanity is a part of the deal. Embrace it. 

I. Don't. Agree. 

Curious why not? Check out today's podcast episode. 

It might change how you view balance, hustle, ambition, and achievement and how to thrive as a woman in the midst of it all. 

Do you agree? Disagree? I wanna know what you think, find me over at Instagram @healthbeginswithmom. 

Sending you much love & healing,


Show Notes:

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