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Thriving (not just surviving) The Holidays Season (ep-84)


Hey Divas! 

Today on the show I am giving you some practical and tangible advice/ideas/strategies to help you not only survive the stressful holiday season but actually thrive in it! 

If you feel like the holiday season is causing you extreme amounts of stress, anxiety, discomfort, confusion, annoyance, heart palpitations, financial or emotional chaos, or if you feel like this time of the year causes you to abandon your health and self-care goals then this episode is for you! 

As always, if you find what you've learned here helpful please leave a rating or review for the show (you can do that from your smartphone or from wherever you listen to podcasts). This would be the most amazing and generous holiday gift you can give me and it also helps the show grow and more women to hear this message. 

Also, I have a new and exciting podcast segment that is coming up in the new year!

I am going to be doing On-Air-Coaching calls with women, and I have a few more openings in my calendar to sign up for that. If you would like to be coached on air by me, follow this link to book your time:

I look forward to serving you! 

Here's to a relaxed, calm and joyful holiday season!

Sending you much love & healing, 



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