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Transforming The Core of Motherhood with Jennifer Oliver (ep-154)


Today on the podcast I’m chatting with Jennifer Oliver, from

Highlights from this episode

1. Jennifer’s story of how she injured her back while being a mama of two young kids and how she’d emerged from that.

2. Why do women lose their confidence after becoming a mom?

3. What is true? Our physiology is a reflection of our psychology or the other way around?

4. The connection between core strength and having foreign inserts in the body (i.e. IUD) and the body’s response to it.

5. Are crunches good for us?

6. The difference between yoga and pilates and engagement of core?

7. How soon can you begin pilates postpartum?

8. What is a reformer?

9. Jen walked up through some breath work to strengthen the core

10. Jen answers my questions about her as a woman, wife and mother (this is where we get real!)

This episode is a must-listen for all mamas who are struggling with getting back in shape postpartum as well as women who are way past labour but wish to strengthen their body while mothering their kids.

In my own personal experience, the core is the area of the body where I feel connected to my essence as a human being. It isn’t news that after labour and delivery many of us feel like we’ve ‘lost ourselves’ after motherhood and in my opinion reconnecting and strengthening that area of the body is a great place to start!


Show Notes:

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