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Ep 1 - Welcome to the show!


Hi and welcome to the first episode of the health begins with mom show!! I am so excited to finally launch this project which has been brewing in my head for the past two years!!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Dorit Palvanov, I am a paediatric nutritionist and the editor in chief of which is the place where moms learn all about health, nutrition, wellness, and get the advice, tools, and support they need to firstly raise ourselves as women and well-rounded adults and then raise children who would grow to be people we need more of in the world.

Over the past five years of working closely with parents and families, I’ve noticed an interesting trend. Parents would come to me for nutrition advice, but after a few sessions, I found myself talking mostly about their parenting style, psychology, mindfulness, self-care rituals, and even sometimes gave marriage advice. This led me to think that, altho nutrition is extremely important and has a profound effect on the overall health of the entire family, it is certainly not the only thing we should be putting out attention on.

This podcast is my way of opening up the conversation to other modalities of healing, wellness, holistic health, alternative health, motherhood, parenting, motivation, and strength for motherhood. Because I believe in the power of moms, I believe in your power to be a goddess, to live up to your potential as a woman, wife and a mother.

Some episodes will be me solo speaking to you, sharing something I’ve learned, something I’m curious about, a tip I’ve used in my own life that worked, or maybe a thought provoking question. Other episodes will be interviews with experts in their field, who have practical advice for moms, who are in the trenches every day doing the hardest work on earth.

I always dreamt of being a mother. There was something in me that knew that I can raise really good kids. But what does it mean and more importantly how is it done?

My pre-mommy life is in complete contrast to my mommy life, I've learned and still learning so much every single day. I believe that parenting is personal growth and development on steroids. Whether you like it or not, this motherhood journey will change you almost entirely. You are most likely discovering a new you, who is totally different from The person you thought you are.

On this show I want to explore:

How do we mother our children,  become good and fun partners to our spouses and build our homes in a sustainable way which does not suck the life out of us?

How do we manage to raise small and needy children while having a great quality of life?

How do we enjoy being in our own bodies without putting our hopes, aspirations, and dreams on hold while raising small kids?

How do we stop sacrificing ourselves and being martyrs for the sake of our children?

How do we find the time to nurture our relationships with people who are not our kids or spouse? Parents, siblings, friends?

How to nurture relationships with other people which do not revolve only around kids?

How do I feed my body? How do I feed my soul?

How do I live up to my potential in a sustainable long-term manner?

How do I learn to love my current life? How to have an empowered motherhood journey without putting my identity as a human being on the altar

Who can I reach out for help?

Life is Gods gift to us, our gift to God is how we choose to live our lives? 

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