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141. Hair-Mineral Analysis, Copper Toxicity, Hormonal Imbalances and Women’s Emotional Health with Amanda Leigh


 Today on the podcast I chat with Amanda Leigh, owner of The Zoso Method and we talk all about Hair-Mineral Analysis, Copper Toxicity, Hormonal Imbalances and Women's Emotional Health.

Here's a bit about Amanda:

Amanda is a transformational coach specializing in helping women get their bodies back by balancing their hormones, changing their mindset, and transforming from the inside out. Using natural hormonal balance, fear clearing, childhood wound healing, and practical tools she helps you become the #bestversionofyou.

She helps women have better relationships with their bodies, better marriages, be better moms and show up as their true selves in life and love.

She is a trained hormone coach, wellness warrior, with a bachelor of science in women's studies and hundreds of hours of wellness and transformational coaching training.

She is the creator of the world-renown At Home In Your Body Summit - the keys women need to lose weight, feel great and at home in their body through hormonal balance and emotional freedom. She gathered 21 of the worlds leading experts in hormonal health, and emotional wellbeing to bring this to you!

Highlights from today's interview:

  • Amanda's story and what lead her to the health industry
  • The connection between mineral imbalance and emotional instability (HTM experts)
  • The difference between minerals and vitamins (her take on multi-vitamins)
  • Mineral imbalances and how this feels on physical and emotional levels
  • How is a hair analysis done?
  • The relationship between Potassium & Energy
  • Kids and mineral depletion
  • Why water is the most important source of trace minerals and the best water filtration system for your home.
  • Copper toxicity & copper IUD
  • The meaning of Sozo

And of course, Amanda's definition of feminine power, what makes her feel confident, energized and sexy as a woman.

This is an important episode if you've been struggling with low energy, emotional instability and mineral toxicity (especially copper)!

Enjoy listening!




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